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Love this podcast series!

Love listening to this discussion! Hope you continue!!

Every episode provokes a new perspective

This podcast opens us to new perspectives through powerful, relevant and much-needed conversations. Episodes are short but rich, leaving me thinking differently, with a slightly bigger heart!

Respect Circles

This is great content very helpful! Super proud of you and the work you are doing pops!

Spotlight on Resilience with Dziko Singketon

I thought that it was informative and shared information about addiction, forgiveness, grace to yourself and others that many may not clearly understand when it comes to addiction. It also addressed the need for Reform and changes in laws to afford people to get help needed verses just serving jail time. It spoke to the power of perseverance, determination, hope and love. Great episode!

Highly Recommend

Loved the first episode with Dr. Lisa Johnson! So insightful, while also pushing people out of their comfort zones if we want to see real change in our communities and our world.

Thought provoking and on point

Recently discovered this new podcast. It’s 30 minutes or so of great insights that really make you think. The hosts challenge your thinking and challenge us all to do better. It’s a great positive message to get behind. Looking forward to hearing more.

Necessary Conversation

This is a great way to broach sticky subjects. You are doing good work! -Ayo

Timely - important conversations for us all.

This is such a powerful concept and forum for these conversations. Thank you Stephanie and Alpheaus for bringing this great podcast to the world!


This was an awesome broadcast. Keep up the good work. Joy Morton